Shift Up Now Drive to 25

Drive to 25

It’s a wrap! Shift Up Now entered two all-female teams of drivers in the 2018 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance, currently the longest endurance race in North America. Proud that we took 2nd and 5th places in our classes as well as seeing a record number of women competing. Stay tuned for our 2019 line up.

The Mission

We want to see all women step on the gas, navigate the corners and use the brakes to drive through life with courage and confidence. Using the teamwork of auto racing, Shift Up Now drives to empower women. The future depends upon women and men working together interacting with respect and compassion to stop the myth of gender specific roles that stifle creativity and advancement.

The Race

Held in the dead of winter in Northern California, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is a challenging event for cars and competitors alike. Amateur and professional racing drivers come together in a wide range of sports cars to compete in the endurance event at Thunderhill Raceway, November 30 to December 2. The three mile permanent road course sets the perfect scene for multi-class racing, keeping competitors on edge for all 25 Hours.
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The Lineups

No. 7 Sick Sideways Powered by Shift Up Now Mazda MX-5

Ashley Freiberg | Shea Holbrook | Pippa Mann | Sarah Montgomery | Amy Dilks

No. 05 Shift Up Now BMW E30

Karen Salvaggio | Mandy McGee | Kristina Esposito | Lynn Kehoe | Ashley Freiberg |?Amy Dilks

Driver Announcement


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