Our CLARITY program

Our CLARITY program can help you imagine what it?s like to be in the drivers seat.

Delivery includes allowing the audience to sit in the race car (depending on venue may include a ride) preceding or followed by our ?Life Lessons from the Race Track? experience to motivate each person to overcome their fears, step on the gas, navigate the corners and understand when to apply the brakes, while getting lessons in courage and confidence. Even without strapping in, we?ll thrill you as we talk about how auto-racing is helping accelerate our lives.

This program can also include our ?ACE? program (Auto Care Experience), a hands-on session teaching some basic car maintenance and repair tips including:

  • Changing tires
  • Checking and filling oil
  • Problem solving warning lights
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Warning signs of impending trouble
  • Choosing a mechanic
  • Buying a car
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Our CONFIDENCE program

Our CONFIDENCE program puts you in the drivers seat, literally.

Most programs are 2-days and include on-track driving sessions combined with classroom leadership training. The experience combines high performance driving education (HPDE) with practical application showing how auto-racing principles can steer you through work and life more confidently.

Open enrollment programs are available to all licensed drivers. While men are welcome to attend, our curriculum is designed for a female audience. We can customize programs for corporate, club or other organizational retreats, team building and leadership requirements.

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Our COURAGE program

Our COURAGE program isn?t just about racing.

When you have clarity, confidence and want a boost of courage, come join our race team? there are many ways you can support the team and the effort driving courage and confidence. By joining our team you?ll be showing your support of our mission and vision. As a Shift Up team member you can choose what?s best for you:


  • Just getting started on track? We can help you navigate the HPDE path.
  • Looking to get a competition license? We can provide instructors to get you ready.
  • Already have a license and ready to race? We can get you a seat as one of our co-drivers.


  • Interested in cars but not sure how to use a torque wrench? Come watch in the hot pits.
  • Know your way around the engine? Help out in the hot pits.
  • Licensed mechanic? Talk to us about being on the pit crew.
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