Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who manages Shift Up Now?

A: Shift Up Now is managed by a team of female racers: Pippa Mann, Shea Holbrook, Mandy McGee, Loni Unser and Sarah Montgomery.


Q: Why did Shift Up Now decide to launch Membership?

A: We decided to launch Shift Up Now Membership for 2 main reasons.

First, we want to open up our community and make it accessible to anyone who wants to be part of it. We want to create an environment where young racers feel supported, have resources, and where they can meet a fan-base who wants to help support them.

Second, to run Shift Up Now the way we want - including this new website, to provide better resources for both our Athletes and the young racers who join our community, we needed to find a way to make our organization financially viable.


Q: How are Membership funds used?

A: Membership funds help support the day to day operations of Shift Up Now, and allow us to increase resources for our Members and Athletes.

Resources for Members include the discounts we have negotiated from vendors, online webinars, and meet and greets with Shift Up Now Athletes at events.

Resources for Athletes include providing marketing support such as allowing us to develop appropriate marketing decks for our Athletes when pitching them to potential sponsors and partners.

Membership funds will also allow us to maintain this website, and keep Members who are race fans up to date with our Athlete’s on track activities.


Q: How do I become a Shift Up Now Athlete?

A: To be eligible to become a Shift Up Now Athlete you must meet the criteria below:

  • 16+ years of age
  • Hold a national competition license with 30+ races and/or have raced in a Professional series for at least 2 years. These series may include ones sanctioned by INDYCAR, IMSA, NASCAR, SRO and SCCA PRO.
  • Fill out a detailed application listing your experience and results in these series. We can provide this application on request, upon meeting the first two criteria.


Q: What will Shift Up Now’s sponsorship activation and management do for an Athlete?

A: Becoming an Athlete allows Shift Up Now to pitch you to prospective sponsors and Shift Up Now partnered racing teams.

We act as a promoter pitching and managing sponsorships, and arranging cost-effective arrive-and-drive opportunities for Shift Up Now Athletes.


Q: Does Shift Up Now sponsor rides?

A: No. Shift Up Now does not directly sponsor rides at this time.

We do pitch Shift Up Now Athletes through our sponsorship activation platforms for opportunities to race.


Q: How is sponsorship money raised by Shift Up Now allocated?

A: Sponsorship money raised by Shift Up Now through our sponsorship activation platforms goes directly to our Athletes for the support of their motorsport programs.

Shift Up Now typically retains 5% of the sponsorship money to manage the Athlete and sponsor relationship, providing advice, ensuring deliverables, and support short and long-term success for the Athlete.


Q: What happens if an Athlete channels sponsorship money through Shift Up Now to fund her racing program?

A: Some accounting fees associated with managing the sponsorship relationship may be deducted, however the goal is for the entirety of the funds raised to be directed toward the Athlete.

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