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Did you know that female athletes across all sports receive less than 10% of the global sports sponsorship spend?

In motorsport, a sport where opportunity is often solely reliant on sponsorship, this funding deficit leads to less female athletes having the opportunity to rise to the highest levels of the sport.

Brands like Ally have committed to funding men and women equally in other sports, but so far no brands have taken this pledge in motorsports.

Shift Up Now is an organization working to help find the funding, partners and sponsorship for female athletes to continue competing at professional and semi-professional levels in motorsport.

We believe that with equal opportunity, men and women can and do compete as equals in this sport, and our racers have results, podiums, wins, and Championships on their resumes.

We are an organization run by female racers, for female racers, and we’re working to drive change in our sport.



Membership in The Inside Track helps provide us with the funds to run the business of Shift Up Now, so that we can direct a much higher percentage of all sponsorship raised directly to our Athletes. One day—if we can swell our support to a high enough level—we also hope it will help fund our racers on track.

Our members get discounts from many of the brands who support our racers, or who have become Corporate Members. We host online events roughly once per month, including informational webinars, iRacing nights, and Fan Forums where our members can meet our Shift Up Now Athletes and ask them questions via Zoom.

Annual Membership costs $100 per year, or $10 per month, and Corporate Membership starts at $2,500. Every member who joins our mission makes a difference.

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Our 501c3 writes sponsorship grants for racers to help them cover holes in their budgets, to help racers be in better equipment, to help racers have more practice time, to help racers have coaching, and to help them have the opportunities to succeed.


Any time you a buy Shift Up Now cap or T-shirt, you’re supporting us not only with the purchase—but you’re also publicly showing your support for what we do whenever you wear our logo.

Watch for limited edition merchandise items, which we have roughly four times a year, and only available for a limited time. We hope you’ll check out our online store, and when our Shift Up Now Athletes see you in our merch in the wild, they may be the ones asking you to stop for a photo!


If you have a brand or business that would be interested in learning more about partnering with us, whether that’s through a Corporate Membership or helping us support female athletes in motorsport, we would love to hear from you.

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