Fikse Wheels Joins Shift Up Now as Corporate Member

March 1, 2023

Shift Up Now is proud to announce that Fikse Wheels has come on board as a Corporate Member for the 2023 racing season. The Corporate Membership will include a contingency fund that celebrates and rewards successful women on track.

With a heritage in speed and a strong history of supporting champions on the racetrack, Fikse Wheels aims to expand its support of not only the sport, but specifically female athletes through its Shift Up Now partnership. Fikse, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, manufactures American-made wheels for both street cars and race cars. It is the world leader in three-piece customer-forged wheels.

The Fikse “Women Who Wheel It” campaign is set to begin this April.

Over the course of the racing season, four female Shift Up Now Athletes will be chosen and featured as the winners of the “Fikse Woman Who Wheels It” award. The winners will be chosen based on their outstanding achievements out on track.

Fikse Wheels is currently a sponsor of the International GT Series, in which seven-time Indianapolis 500 competitor Pippa Mann races with clients in Porsche Cup Cars. With its quest to continue meeting and supporting other talented competitors, Fikse Wheels is a natural fit for a Shift Up Now partnership.

“I’m thrilled we were able to bring Fikse Wheels to Shift Up Now,” said Mann, President of Shift Up Now. “We’re always looking for companies who want to get involved with our mission of helping fund female athletes. And partnering with a company like Fikse, that’s known for its excellence in automotive work, to reward some of our racers for their excellence on the race track is a great opportunity.”

“By partnering with Shift Up Now we hope to promote and empower female drivers, and to encourage the next generation of women to follow their dreams on and off the track,” said Brant Gladstone, President of Fikse Wheels.

Shift Up Now supporters can visit the Fikse website, and purchase wheels using this unique link.

The 2023 racing season is already underway for the Shift Up Now Athletes. The complete schedule of events can be found by visiting our online calendar.


About Fikse Wheels

Fikse Wheels is a world leader in producing custom three-piece forged aluminum wheels. With over 30 years of experience in elite motorsports, Fikse has drawn on their rich history to develop wheels that offer the ultimate combination of precision, handling, and style. Whether you're a professional racer or an enthusiast looking for the perfect set of wheels, Fikse offers a personalized and custom experience for those who value premier performance and timeless design.


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