Get Out and Do It: Nothing Great Ever Happens Inside Your Comfort Zone

December 28, 2020

By Loni Unser

The sport of racing has given me more than I could ever imagine. In terms of life experience and lessons, it has felt like a second college education. Even so, I find myself searching for a bigger purpose in racing and sometimes get caught feeling guilty about racing for several reasons: I feel bad for using consumable resources such as tires or fuel, or thinking I could make more of a difference as a teacher or doctor. I love this sport, but I want it to be more than fueling my own dreams and desires.

Racing in 2020 has shifted this toxic perspective for me. As Kylie Jenner once so eloquently put it, “This year was a year of realizing things.” I don’t believe I would have had this realization if I never had the opportunity to race as a Shift Up Now Athlete for Round 3 Racing.

I strongly believe that life is about being happy, and the more happy people there are, the better this world will be. It would have been much safer for me to graduate college and get a job working 9-5 than it was for me to put everything on the line to pursue racing but every day I feel lucky that I am taking a chance on something I love. I know that taking the path of least resistance would ultimately lead to a place I was not content with. I know many struggles lay ahead in this career, but I also know it is in the struggle where you learn and grow as a human. I am doing what makes me happiest, and because of this, I am able to spread kindness and love to others. I say pursue your dream and that dream will lead you to a bigger purpose.

Through my passion for racing, I’ve been able to meet some incredible women, who have become some of my closest friends and who also felt the need for a greater purpose. Together we are working to inspire others – whether in racing or those entering traditionally male-dominated careers they may not have considered – and race for equality in a sport that has been dominated by men for so long.

Nothing great has ever happened to anyone in their comfort zone. I’ve spent so much time outside of my comfort zone while racing I start to feel like I am living there. Whether taking a high-speed corner or threading the needle while making a pass, I have taught myself to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It has enabled me to do things outside of racing that are uncomfortable, whether it be an uncomfortable conversation or simply giving someone a sincere compliment. Through racing, I have been able to show others that being out of your comfort zone can be extremely rewarding.

I am so thankful to be able to inspire people through Shift Up Now. I hope to show that dreams can happen, and that happiness and pushing your own limits are where true joy happens. Thank you to Round 3 Racing for introducing me to some incredible people. If I am to give a piece of advice to anyone reading, it’s to simply follow your dreams! It will make you a better person and help you to make this world a better, happier place. Go out and do it!

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