Montgomery Named Director of Membership for Shift Up Now

October 24, 2023

Shift Up Now is proud to announce the promotion of another Athlete to the leadership team, naming Sarah Montgomery as Director of Membership.

As a long-time ambassador, Montgomery’s promotion is the result of being actively engaged with Shift Up Now for more than five years. The Lafayette, LA native joined the organization in 2018 - while it was under the management of founder Lynn Kehoe - for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Montgomery was then named as a Shift Up Now Athlete when Pippa Mann took the helm in the fall of 2020.

In addition to being the only woman to stand on the podium in MX-5 Cup, a feat she achieved four times in a row, Montgomery has represented several key Shift Up Now sponsors in the World Racing League endurance racing paddock. Last year, she and her teammates won three races, and stood on the podium five times.

Earlier this year, Shift Up Now named fellow Athlete Erin Vogel as President. Together with Mann, the two organized the first successful fundraising campaign for the Shift Up Now Foundation.

Now, they’ve turned their attention toward membership, making Montgomery’s expertise and engagement a perfect fit for the role. Her goal will be to launch the new membership platform - called “The Inside Track by Shift Up Now” - by the end of 2023.

In her new role, Montgomery will help to rebuild the membership website, which includes a software upgrade. From the beginning, Shift Up Now membership has been aimed at connecting supporters to Athletes, events and initiatives.

Moving forward, members will still receive the monthly newsletter, along with a new, mid- month email providing exclusive updates and opportunities. These will include things like signed-merchandise giveaways, Athlete Q&As, early access to limited-edition apparel, and exclusive access to webinars and fan forums.

In addition, members who follow Shift Up Now on Instagram will be included in “Close Friends” content, which won’t be available to the general public.

Annual membership pricing will remain the same - $100 per calendar year - however, members will now have the option to pay $10 per month to reduce upfront financial commitment restraints.

“Our Shift Up Now Members are our core audience, and our biggest supporters,” said Mann. “This investment in new software, and bringing Sarah into a management role alongside myself and Erin, was a very important step for us.

“Now, we have someone dedicated to looking after this loyal group of supporters. We’re so thankful for all of the Members who have been with us for the first three years. And the creation of The Inside Track by Shift Up Now is about taking the Membership experience to the next level.”

Montgomery echoed Mann’s excitement, saying, ”Being able to help an organization that has helped me tremendously in my racing career is something I consider an honor. I feel as though Shift Up Now has helped me in many hard times, and I'm very excited to return the favor in a way that I am good at. The membership side of Shift Up Now is going to be a fun task and I hope people feel our effort, and tell their friends about it!"

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