Polaris Talent to Join Shift Up Now as a Corporate Member

March 12, 2024

Shift Up Now is proud to announce that Polaris Talent has come on board as a Corporate Member of The Inside Track by Shift Up Now. In addition, Polaris Talent has made a one-percent pledge to both Shift Up Now and the Shift Up Now Foundation for the 2024 season.

With a passion for motorsports, and as a majority women-owned company, the Polaris Talent founders felt aligned to the Shift Up Now mission. The Racine, WI-based company is passionate about ensuring that women are well-represented in their chosen field.

Further, Polaris Talent is a Wisconsin Benefit Corporation, operating as a for-profit organization with a non-profit mission. Its focus includes DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) best practices, helping women get into leadership positions, and teaching companies how to build great organizations and cultures via strategic talent acquisition.

In support of their mission, Polaris Talent took the One Percent Pledge in 2021. For the upcoming race season, the company has committed to supporting Shift Up Now efforts to positively impact women in motorsport. One percent of all top-line Polaris Talent revenue is pledged to the Shift Up Now Foundation.

“We felt there was alignment between our mission and values, and that of Shift Up Now,” said Marie Watkins, Chief Vision Officer at Polaris Talent. “So Marshall Folger (Chief of Staff at Polaris Talent) reached out to Pippa Mann last fall to ask, ‘How can we help?’

“We’re looking forward to supporting Shift Up Now Athletes when they are at Road America this season, and hoping to do something formal with Michelle Abbate during the Trans Am weekend. We are also excited that Shift Up Now athlete Loni Unser is with Kellymoss Racing since they are also a Wisconsin-based, women-owned company, and we are helping them with STEM-education events for the Girl Scouts.”

In addition to supporting the Shift Up Now mission this racing season, Polaris Talent is launching several other motorsports-related initiatives. On March 20th, the company is co- hosting a monthly coffee chat with Arrow McLaren. The chat is open to anyone in the industry with HR responsibilities for a team, series or race track.

On March 18th, Polaris Talent will launch DriveHer Consulting, a place for women athletes to learn about entrepreneurship. Topics in the webinars, course and 1:1 coaching will include how to ideate, start, run and grow a business, plus mindset and soft-skills training for making the transition from athlete to entrepreneur.

Shift Up Now CEO Pippa Mann also expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying, “Shift Up Now is an organization that is founded on a strong belief of women supporting women. I’m thrilled to welcome another majority woman-owned business as one of our partner’s for 2024, and for the Shift Up Now Foundation to be the beneficiary of their One Percent pledge this year.

“Marie and her team have some exciting plans in the motorsport space, and we’re excited to both have their support and to be able to offer their DriveHer Consulting and educational content to our Athletes."

For more information about Polaris Talent, please visit www.PolarisTalent.com.


About Polaris Talent

Polaris Talent drives transformation by designing and delivering strategic recruitment and people programs that improve diversity and optimize employee capabilities for high-tech companies, motorsports organizations, and automotive companies that want to create a culture where everyone wins, together. We specialize in finding and engaging diverse degreed professionals in engineering and computer science, finance, legal, and business development.

We are not a recruitment agency or a headhunter. Instead we offer a recruiting-as-a-service model for companies that need to hire one or many. Please see https://www.polaristalent.com/ business-transformation for more details and a list of past clients and testimonials. Polaris Talent is led by Marie Watkins (Chief Vision Officer), Roma Watkins (Chief Operations Officer), and Marshall Folger (Chief of Staff).

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