Shift Up Now, Inc. Names Erin Vogel as President

July 18, 2023

Shift Up Now, Inc. is proud to announce that, as a result of the organization’s growth and success, Erin Vogel will join the management team as President.

Vogel is no stranger to success, both on and off the race track. Despite not racing competitively until she was in her 30s, Vogel wasted no time building accolades once she got behind the wheel. She’s a race winner in the Pro-Am class of GT World Challenge America, and became the first woman ever to win in the SRO Series globally. She’s also a race winner in the World Racing League (WRL) GP1 class with Shift Up Now Athletes Loni Unser and Sabre Cook.

Off the track, Vogel has always been drawn to forward-facing roles in positions of leadership and mentorship. She attended Mount Holyoke College, where she earned Bachelor's degrees in English and Music. While in school, she served as an officer for the Tau Beta Sigma service club and volunteered as a student leader on the UMMB Field Staff.

Post-graduation, Vogel spent a year working in property management. She then returned to school to pursue a degree in Interior Design. During that time, and in years following, she worked for various design firms. Her drive and desire to improve helped her rise quickly to projects with major clients like Disney, UCLA and Kaiser Permanente.

In late 2013, she was promoted to Vice President for her family's companies, Vogel Properties and Vogel Engineers. Her roles include managing sales and acquisitions, financing and bank relationships, and people and benefits. She’s also in charge of negotiation of leases and other legal contracts.

Also in 2013, Erin first volunteered for the Audi Club of Southern California's HPDE Committee. She has since fulfilled many roles there, from organizing event registration to being a First Timer Advocate. She eventually moved into the role of Novice and Intermediate Classroom Instructor, and more recently, spearheaded an MSF Level 2 Instructor Clinic.

It was 2014 when Erin obtained her competition racing license, and has since earned over twenty career podiums, four of which were at the professional level, as well as one driver's championship.

When asked about accepting the position of Shift Up Now President, Vogel said she has always been determined to leave behind a legacy of promoting women in whatever they're capable of doing. And particularly when those dreams go against the arbitrary norms established by society.

“Shift Up Now fits my personal mission statement perfectly,” she said. “It’s the opportunity I’ve always hoped for to make a real and lasting difference in the fight for gender inclusion and equality of opportunity for women. I'm very proud, excited and honored by this opportunity to help grow an organization that is making a difference in the careers of female athletes, and to see those athletes continue to rise to greater and greater success in time.”

Shift Up Now CEO Pippa Mann echoed Vogel’s excitement.

“I’m thrilled to have Erin join me as one of the key management team members of Shift Up Now,” said Mann. “This was an incredibly important step as we continue to grow, and work towards our goals of being able to provide funding and opportunities for talented female athletes in motorsport.

“We’re so incredibly fortunate to have someone as passionate and accomplished as Erin be part of our management team, and I’m so thankful she accepted the role of President. Her experience on both the business side and the professional motorsports side will prove to be invaluable. Together, we plan to continue to drive change in our sport, both now and for future generations.”

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