The Momentum Group Joins Shift Up Now as a Corporate Member

May 12, 2022

Indianapolis based marketing and branding business, The Momentum Group, has joined Shift Up Now as a Corporate Member for 2022, creating “The Momentum Group Photography Fund” to help Shift Up Now Athletes who have landed sponsorship deals provide high quality images, photography, and videography for their partners.

Experts in in brand development, advertising, online and digital marketing, and helping create and manage business to business relationships, The Momentum Group also has years of experience in motorsport, and working with teams, and drivers to help both with finding and supporting sponsors, and elevating their branding to attract new partners.

“Shift Up Now is currently working to lead the way in motorsport, by helping female Athletes find the funding to compete, and we want to be in at the ground level, helping them build support for the next generations of female racers,” said Jim Bork, CEO of The Momentum Group.

“Professional photography and videography is of paramount importance for all racers to be able to provide for their partners use, and to create their own content online that helps promote their partners. In the age of social media as mass content distribution channels, this is possibly more important than it has ever been before, and The Momentum Group is proud to be stepping up to help Shift Up Now Athletes cover these costs.”

Photography supported by The Momentum Group can be found in the Shift Up Now Athletes At Large Album, and in Laura Hayes’ MX5 Cup Album on the Shift Up Now website, and on Shift Up Now social media channels.

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